Tennis Tips – Stroke Corrections And Technique Video Analysis

This section of tennis tips and technique corrections is based on the stroke analysis of the videos sent to me by you – the visitors to this site.

At the moment of this writing, I am still giving tips for free, but that may change soon. 😉

While it generally takes a long time to learn a new movement or change the mechanics of the stroke, there are some tennis tips that actually work quite fast .

These tips work fast because the player receives a new mental image of the stroke. Once he reprograms the path of the racquet in his mind, he is also able to quickly change the path of the racquet in reality.

A simple tennis tips that changes the mental image

A simple tennis tips that changes the mental image can help you improve your technique very quickly

The second reason these tips on tennis strokes work fast is that the player receives a new feel for the stroke with a special exercise or drill.

Once he experiences that new feel, he can quickly apply it to his stroke.

This section of tennis tips will grow in time, so please keep sending me videos of your strokes!

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Tien Dao May 1, 2015

You are a true tennis guru. I hope you will never charge for your advice because many amateurs will stop benefitting from your unique perspective. It is like asking to pay for Google searches. Your teaching skills are priceless. You are rendering a great public service. You deserve to become rich through your teaching, but in a way, I hope you do not. Tien

    Tomaz May 1, 2015

    Much appreciated, Tien Dao!

Ganesh Raman August 15, 2015

I found you on YouTube while searching for tennis lessons. Have been trying to get back to tennis after a gap of more than 15 years and your videos have been immensely helpful in relearning how to play, the right way, this time around. I have never felt more motivated to practice until I saw your lessons online. So, yes – I second the thoughts above – you are a true tennis guru! Many thanks to you for sharing the techniques for free.

Anita Castagna September 23, 2015

Thank so much for all your videos. I look forward to each one. I like all your techniques. But the one that has made the biggest impact to my game so far is taking the racquet back early. It’s not like I hadn’t heard this many times before, but you were able show me how I wasn’t taking it back as early as I thought. Anita Castagna

    Tomaz September 23, 2015

    Thanks, Anita! Glad that I could help!

Nate Mack December 25, 2015

Hello Tomaz,

Nate Mack here again. I have been wondering which grip is that you are using on your forehand IN your You Tube video’s? You seem to have great ease with low and high balls with little or no change in your.grip?

    Tomaz December 25, 2015

    Hi Nate,

    I am using a semi-western grip with which I can play all balls but sometimes my grip just changes a bit to accommodate for a tough ball.

    I don’t change it, it changes by itself. 😉

      Samuel Kim July 30, 2016

      Greetings Tomaz,

      It’s interesting that you mention that your grips change by itself. The issue I have is that oftentimes my Eastern forehand grip will slide down to Semi-Western or more just before or during contact with the ball?

      Any ideas why this is? I would appreciate any feedback as I feel this is a rather unique problem.

      And btw, thank you so much for your videos which have helped me so much with my game.

      Sam Kim
      Seattle, USA

        Tomaz July 30, 2016

        Hi Samuel,

        The grip changes to accommodate your hand and arm to do what you want to do. You probably want to apply more topspin to the ball and the Semi-Western grip is much more comfortable grip for doing that.

        Your body can feel that and it just wants to adjust so that it’s easier.

alex December 31, 2015

Thanks Tomaz, your approach to deepen and share experience is top class teaching. I really appreaciate . Armando

gregory February 6, 2016

Hi Tomaz
Many thanks for your very helpful,inspirational videos.I have started playing tennis again,2 years ago, after a 50 year break,never thought I could play again because of knee problems.
Yesterday in a doubles Quote ,” Greg has some shots that we don`t have “, no I don`t ,it is thanks to your videos specially the ones on timing, body swing ,etc, they are so so good .
Best of luck to you and your family
Thanks a million

    Tomaz February 7, 2016

    Thanks a lot for this great feedback, Greg! Enjoy the game, it’s the best one out there!

Venu February 25, 2016

Your teaching techniques are awesome and it really helped me learning tennis in a right way. You are my virtual tennis coach. Thanks a lot Tomaz. Highly appreciate your efforts.

Ravendra Singh Rawat April 30, 2016

You are amazing online tennis coach. I like the way you explain with ease which is simple to understand. Many thanks for free expertise.

Michael Dodson June 3, 2016

During the past few months I have been watching all your videos to help myself improve in tennis. I am glad that you helped me and other people advance in tennis. I watched most of your videos and they truly give lots of good info when playing. I use all the techniques you gave in your videos when practicing and playing in matches. I cant say how lucky I am for you to take your time to teach us how to play.

    Tomaz June 4, 2016

    You’re very welcome, Michael, thanks for the kind feedback.

Jaroslav June 12, 2016

In my view, you atr the best tennis coach or trainer I have ever met or see on internet. Maybe, this is due to your way by which you become a tennis trainer – Like a self made man. Those children, who start to play tennis when they are 4 years old, and later become good tennis playes, they perform each stroke “subcounsiosly” and cosequently, later, when they become trainers, they are not aible to explain the individual steps of the stroke and most of them do their job with a routine manner without any usefull instructions regarding the particular tennis stroke improvement. Most of them performe their job rather like a tennis ball machines than a open minded tennis trainer.
This is maybe a reason, why so many recreational players have huge problem with a tennis serve. I have been one of them. I had unbelievable problem with a loop in my my tennis serve. I was not able to execute a serve with a loop that would excelerate my hand and provide apower to my serve. And now, after your videos on serve , everything is so simple. I am very oblige to you, for your instractions, for you videos and for everything you have done for us – recreational players
I admire your special skill to explain the most complicated issues in the most simple way.
Thank you very much Tomaz .( and pleas excuse my english)

With best regards,

    Tomaz June 13, 2016

    Hello Jaro,

    Thanks a lot for kind feedback!

    Yes, it probably helped being more aware of the development and journey of my tennis strokes through the years as I had to figure out everything by myself.

    Tennis serve is very difficult to acquire as there are also many illogical things in there. Hopefully I can make it even more clear with my future videos!

    Keep in touch and thanks again!

Errol August 17, 2016

Hi Tomaz,

I started tennis lessons about a year now and I was still struggling in most of the games i played.

I was more focused on hitting hard and wonder why inconsistencies are always there.

Most of my matches were in a loosing streaks and by a big margin.

I started searching for reasons and science on this game and happen to stumble on your youtube.

Indeed relaxed strokes have helped me and finding the contact point and timing.

My games have started to become interesting and even won on the 1st night I started using your advice.

I have lost some but the margin was so close and I still have enough energy (with te help of your minimum effort drill).

Thanks a lot for this! Your a real guru!

I really appreciate your help!


    Tomaz August 17, 2016

    Thanks a lot for this kind feedback, Errol, great to hear you’re continuously improving. Keep in touch!

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