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Tomaz tennis coachHi, Tomaz here and thanks for considering supporting my work on this website.

You may not know, but I perform most of the functions necessary to produce content on this website myself.

It takes me between 10 and 25 hours of work to produce a single 10-minute video and a corresponding article on

That includes:

  • planning the recording sessions (creating short scripts)
  • setting up the camcorder and wireless microphone; testing light and sound conditions
  • recording videos – it takes me roughly 1 hour of recording time for about 10 minutes of the final video that you see. Longer video clips take longer.
  • editing videos with specific software where I add lines, slow motion, side-by-side clips, etc. (that usually takes between 5 and 20 hours)
  • writing an article and having it proofread
  • taking screenshots from the video, resizing and cropping them, and adding graphics
  • publishing the article and the video

I have no one else employed; I outsource only some graphic design here and there.

Because I do everything myself, it takes quite some time before one free article is ready to be published.

When I decide to produce one full video course, it typically takes me around 3 months of daily work to plan, record and edit all the content, split it into separate tennis lessons and set up the whole website with the sales page and membership section.

If you would like to support my work, you can do that in 3 ways:

1. Buy one of my video courses or ebooks

I provide tons of free content on already, but I save some of my best and most effective instruction for my premium video courses.

tennis video courses

Click on the image to check my best instruction packaged into video courses

They teach you the fundamentals and advanced stroke techniques through easy-to-follow, step-by-step video lessons.

These video courses are based on my 20+ years of teaching tennis professionally at all levels, from beginners and recreational tennis players to training the junior national team of Singapore and working with many nationally ranked players in Slovenia and other countries.

You can also check out my two ebooks on the tennis strategy and mental game that have been really well accepted by the professional coaching community and, of course, by many recreational tennis players and junior competitive players.

You can see all my products on this online tennis lessons page.

Buying one of my products not only supports my work, but it also helps you improve much faster in your journey to become a better tennis player.

2. Buy anything through this link on offers an affiliate program where it gives publishers a small percentage of the sale (around 5%) in return for a customer making a purchase while being referred from a specific website.

So, if you click on this link, you will end up on, and I get a small percentage of the purchases you make in that one single session.

If you plan to buy something on, you can simply return to this page first, click one of the links here and you’ll end up on, which will track who referred you and consequently pass a small percentage of your purchase amount to my account.

You don’t have to pay any extra money to me; you simply make do it for you. 😉

That way, your support of my work doesn’t cost you any extra money – all you have to do is to remember to go to through one of the links on this page any time you plan to make a purchase there.

This is an disclosure as requested by FTC:
“Tomaz Mencinger is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”

3. Donate through

I have received quite a few requests for offering a donation through Paypal.

If you would like to donate a certain amount to me through, you can do so now by clicking the button below.

I really appreciate your support as it helps me devote more time and effort to producing interesting and useful tennis videos and complete courses that hopefully elevate your game to new levels.

Thanks again,

Cheers, Tomaz

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Rodney Duke November 25, 2016

I have benefited from you free tips. I am planning an Amazon purchase that I will make through your link; and, I’ll check out your courses.

    Tomaz November 25, 2016

    Thanks a lot, Rodney, keep in touch!

Anthony November 26, 2016

I have bought all your products(i look forward to forehand course) . And I have readen all your articles in your site . The most I find them very interesting and very clever. I am tennis coach and help me a lot to clarify Some thing in my mind .. Thanks Tomaz. I ll donate with the first chance . Keep going ….

    Tomaz November 26, 2016

    Much appreciated, Anthony! I’ll work to produce more useful content in the future…

Jeremy February 12, 2017

I’m very happy to donate (already have your online courses) and hope many others do too, especially considering the amount of time and energy you put into your work which we all benefit so much from.

Thank you


    Tomaz February 12, 2017

    Thank you very much, Jeremy!

Frank Batmale April 17, 2017

Dear Tomaz,

Thank you for re-sending this video. I’m out of town visiting children and grandchildren (Easter holiday). We’re flying home tommorow.

I really enjoyed the video on “free hitting.” I’m going to contact a buddy of mine who I think would really be interested in doing the free hitting. I’ll forward this video to him and tell him how much I enjoy the your online lessons.

Keep up the good work. If you ever get out to California, sign me up for some lessons. I’ve purchased all the “Feel Tennis” and I’m looking forward to future courses you might offer. A very satisfied customer!


    Tomaz April 18, 2017

    Thank you very much for the support, Frank!

    I will notify all subscribers through my newsletter if I plan a visit to the US…

Erik van den Bos May 1, 2017

Hi Tomaz,
What a great video on the seven steps of the service technique. You are an excellent teacher, as your words stick to the mind. I am now practicing by working the various elements one by one (the mind can’t think of 7 things at the same time). I have been playing tennis all my life, with the ‘classic’ (=old fashioned) technique. I love tennis, and with my length of 6.7f (2m) it has always been a BIG frustration that the serve was so erratic.
Again, many thanks,
Best wishes,

    Tomaz May 5, 2017

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback, Erik.

    Glad to hear you’re on the right track.

De Pauw Patsy May 23, 2017

Very feely tennis instructions. I am a dressage instructor (horses) and give lessons with the books of Sally Swift – Riding with your MIND.

It is like your lessons – FEEL tennis. The result is a smooth, fine game.

I am following ALL your video’s and am eager to receive more of it.

Thank you Thomaz for your passion.

    Tomaz May 23, 2017

    Thank you very much for sharing, Patsy!

    It’s great when we can relate new instruction to something we already know – the learning goes much faster.

George Cheuk June 7, 2017


My serve was much improved after watching your teaching and explanations. I wonder if there are very few local coaches can teach that well. They are really excellent stuffs. Big thanks.

Best Wishes

    Tomaz June 10, 2017

    Thanks for the feedback, George, much appreciated!

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