Second Serve Consistency, Kick & Power

How To Finally Master The Kick And Slice Serves And Turn Your Weakness Into A Strength

A Step-by-Step Tennis Video Course That Teaches You The Topspin and Slice Serve Techniques

The Second Serve On A Big Point...

That moment in the match when the burden of responsibility weighs you down and when the outcome of the set or even the match depends solely on your ability to hit a consistent second serve.

You know you have to hit a good second serve; otherwise, you'll be immediately attacked. If you miss the shot, you'll hand your opponent a free point.

The most painful and embarrassing way to lose a point in a tennis match is to defeat yourself!

And missing a second serve on a big point does exactly that – your opponent doesn't have to do a thing.

You know that you failed because of your poor second serve technique and because your nerves couldn't handle the pressure.

Don't Let Your Second Serve Be Your Opponent's Favorite Part Of The Game!

Tennis is one of the only sports where your opponent can win the match by doing nothing…by just waiting for you to double fault!

This is why I believe that developing a great second serve is the most important skill you can work on.

You cannot afford to fight valiantly for an hour in a set and then hand your opponent the win by missing a second serve when it matters the most.

If sports luck doesn't happen to be your on side on a big point, then at least lose the point by serving consistently and fighting like a warrior. Lose with dignity, knowing that you did the best you could.

But if you hand your opponent the set or the match by missing your second serve while your hands are shaking because you're insecure about your skills, then you know that the loss of the match is completely your fault.

And that feeling won't soon go away soon.

jorge c

Jorge Capestany

USPTA Master professional

PTR International Master professional​

Tomaz has created an excellent serve course that will help players of all levels.

He has an uncanny way of simplifying complicated mechanics and his teaching style is easy to absorb.

Do yourself a favor and invest in this serve course and you won't regret it.

The Serve is the most important shot in the game of tennis and this course can help improve YOUR serve.

Let Me Help You Transform Your Weakness Into A Strength

coach Tomaz

Hi, my name is Tomaz Mencinger, and I've been coaching for over 20 years.

I've worked with young competitive juniors, more serious tournament players who were competing on an international level and adult recreational tennis players who fought their battles in local leagues and tournaments.

And regardless of the level of player, all hated to lose a point on a second serve.

They all needed to master the second serve because handing free points to your opponent –especially on big points – becomes very costly in tennis matches.

I'd learned the basic method of teaching a second serve while completing my coaching certifications in both the ITF European system and the PTR American system. Despite this training, I was not yet getting the results I wanted with my students.

But as I spent the next 20 years working on the court for hours every day with different levels of players, I perfected my method of developing a reliable and effective second serve.

I had a unique advantage of having trained volleyball semi-professionally for 16 years before and during my tennis coaching career, and I had an acute awareness that the serving motion in tennis is very similar to a spiking motion in volleyball.

Because of that advantage, I always had an effortless and very reliable second serve that helped me win many tough matches.

I was able to explain in detail the way I hit a topspin serve so that my students learned the critical missing information that transformed their average second serves to really good ones.

I also experimented with a multitude of feel-based drills that worked much faster than verbal explanations since they bypassed the analytical mind (that tends to over-think) and helped players rapidly develop new feels for topspin and slice serves.

My step-by-step method of mastering the second serve now helps tennis players learn a topspin and a slice serve in a matter of hours, regardless of their level of play.

In fact, I even had the privilege of sharing my method of teaching and improving the serve at the USPTA Coaching Conference.

USPTA coaching conference

Presenting at the USPTA Coaches Conference in the fall of 2014 in San Francisco, USA.

monty coach

Monty Basnyat

VP USPTA Northern CA Division​

Dear Tomaz -

Thank you so much for coming to San Francisco and speaking at out FALL USPTA Conference. You are an absolute professional and a fantastic speaker.

Your knowledge of the game of tennis reads like a Webster Dictionary.

But I was most impressed on how you were able to teach people how to FEEL the best practices in teaching the SERVE progression.

I would highly recommend you and your philosophy of coaching tennis to all my fellow coaches and students. 


Second Serve Mastery Video Course
Second Serve Consistency, Kick and Power

Second Serve Mastery is an instructional video course that helps you master the topspin and slice tennis serves.

The course consists of various modules that will guide you through 3 progressive stages of development:

STAGE 1: Minimizing the number of double faults

Because you have likely been serving a slower, flat serve as your second serve, you will first have to learn the topspin serve technique. This process is shown in detail with step-by-step videos that will teach you a new variation of your serve movement in about 30 minutes.

learning topspin serve technique

After practicing the technique, you should be quite consistent with it in a matter of days. You will learn how to hit the ball with safe net clearance and a good amount of topspin, which will make your ball dip before the service line and therefore make your second serve very reliable.

STAGE 2: Making your serve unattackable

While you learned how to hit a topspin serve in the first stage, it was still fairly slow and a good player would be able to attack it. You weren't giving away any more free points, but your second serve was attackable.

advanced tennis serving skills

In this second stage, you will learn how to increase the amount of spin, power and kick, and how to accurately hit to the weaker side of your opponent. You will learn to do that with an advanced drills module that will give you insights into high-level serving skills.

Your second serves will fly faster and kick higher up. By accurately hitting them to the weaker side of your opponent, you'll neutralize his attacks and consequently hold many more of your service games.

STAGE 3: Serving reliably under pressure on big points and regularly forcing short balls off your opponent's returns

The final stage of second serve development is reaching the mastery level where you are able to hit powerful, high-bouncing topspin serves that often cause your opponent to mishit them, returning a short ball that immediately gives you a chance to dominate the point.

You will develop such skills by continuously working on advanced serving skills and by training yourself to serve second serves under pressure.

serving under pressure

The Second Serve Mastery course includes a whole section of drills devoted to practicing your second serves under pressure. By overcoming these challenges in training, you will be mentally prepared to deal with real match pressure on big points.

Successfully serving under pressure will allow you to develop deep confidence in your second serve and continue to improve it.

You will have by now turned your biggest weakness into one of your biggest strengths – and just that one change will allow you to win many matches that you lost by a narrow margin in the past.

The Second Serve Mastery video course can be watched online on a PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, or any Android-based device.

All the videos are in MP4 format, and you can download high quality or lower quality (smaller size) videos to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, enabling you to use the instruction right there on court.

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Here’s what’s included

Topspin Serve Module

This module includes my 7 proven progressions that build upon each other in the correct order and typically teach you how to hit your first topspin serve in your first session on the court.

You’ll learn:

Learn the key technical differences between the flat and the topspin serve in a side-by-side comparison in slow motion

Master the upward swing path and start reprogramming your old downward swing path from the flat serve

Learn how to spin the ball with a Continental grip  - you'll do this with another feel-based exercise that works fast

Discover how to "hit up" using everyday objects like a court fence to develop new muscle memory in your service motion

Learn a variation of the follow-through that will help you maintain correct swing path for a topspin serve 

Assemble the serve by putting all the steps together to start serving a topspin from the baseline

And more...

topspin serve in tennis
slice serve in tennis

Slice Serve Module

This process is very similar to the above with step-by-step progressions that develop the new variation of your service motion which applies slice on the ball.

You’ll learn:

At what angle to approach the ball and where exactly to hit it in order to create a slice effect

How to make the ball curve outwards by focusing on the edge of the racquet

How to increase the amount of slice on the ball so that it stays low after the bounce

How to correct the most common mistakes that hold you back (overrotation and hitting in the net)

And much more...

Advanced Serving Module

Once you've learned the basic techniques of the topspin and slice serves you need to take them to the next level. I've included my most effective drills that teach you how to add more spin, slice and power to your serves.

You’ll learn:

How to add more net clearance and minimize the number of serves in the net - by modifying your serving motion by just a fraction

How to add more spin to your topspin serves by focusing on the tip of the racquet and visualizing a certain swing path

How to add more slice to your slice serves so that the ball stays low and curves away more after the bounce

How to add more power to your second serves with gradual progressions that will build your trust in your ability to hit with power and yet keep the ball in

How to use your legs so that you gain power and kick off your topspin serves

kick tennis serve
tennis serve under pressure

Serving Under Pressure Drills

Simply learning how to hit a second serve won't yet make you serve reliably under pressure in tough tennis matches. You need to actually practice serving under pressure and this module guides your from low pressure to high pressure drills.

You’ll learn:

My personal self-talk and rituals I perform when I play a match. I will walk you through all the stages of the serve and explain to you how I think.

How to start working on your consistency and accuracy in no pressure situations first so that you gain some trust in your skills

2 drills that create moderate pressure and help you develop that crucial second serve going to your opponent's weaker side

How to make your serve rock solid under pressure - by working on drills that demand high levels accuracy under high levels of pressure.

The Russian Roulette drill that forces you to be extremely accurate under maximum pressure that we can create in training situation. Once you can complete this drill, you have definitely reached the Mastery level of the second serve.

The Challenges Module

If you happen to get stuck at a certain stage of your topspin or slice serve development, you can always look up the solution in the challenges module, which presents the most common challenges players face and specific drills that help you overcome them.

You’ll learn:

A feel based drill demonstrated by a 9-year old showing you how to increase the amount of spin on your serves

How to solve the challenge of framing the ball that often happens when you start learning the topspin and slice serves

2 ways of dealing with an inconsistent toss in case you have troubles tossing the ball a bit more behind for a topspin serve

How to lower the trajectory of your topspin serves once you're ready for more aggressive serving where you'll hit with more speed

Another feel based drill that helps you increase the height of your topspin serve and get that safe net clearance 

How to deal with a loss of feel for the spin or slice serve the next time you're on the court practicing. This happens to everyone and it's a part of a battle with old habits so you need to know how to overcome this challenge.

second serve tips

Case Studies Module

This module shows you two types of case studies. The first consists of before & after clips of players who followed my step-by-step progressions for the topspin serve technique.

These videos show you what's realistically possible to achieve in just a few lessons. Some of the "before & after" clips below are from a single session with me working on the topspin serve.

The second type includes a couple of 20-minute sessions where you can watch how I teach the player to hit his first topspin serve ever.

Of course, that topspin serve won't be perfect, but you will be able to see how the player struggles for a short period of time while he is reprogramming his movement and how eventually he "gets it" and is able to hit a few topspin serves.

These videos are important because you will see how "messy" the learning process is and how it's normal for there to be a period of time when the new movement you're trying to do is not happening immediately.

Never fear: you too will “get it” after a certain amount of repetition.

This will help you understand the learning process and be patient with yourself as you will likely come across similar struggles when learning topspin or slice serves.



I understand that I’ll receive instant access to:

tennis second serve course


40 videos (that’s over 3 hours of video material) that you can watch online or download to your PC, tablet, or smartphone

serve video analysis


Send me a video of your second serve and I will create a side-by-side comparison with me or a professional tennis player of your choice and show you what are the key elements of the serve you need to work on.​

mental tennis ebook


If I was your coach and could give you some tips on the changeovers just as you're dealing with a challenging situation in a tennis match, what would I say to you?

This ebook consists of my advice based on 30 years of experience in competitive tennis as a player and as a coach.

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My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a 60-day, full money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Use the full Second Serve Mastery video course for 8 weeks.

If you can't learn the topspin and slice serve techniques by following the videos and you don’t feel you have significantly improved the consistency of your second serves, then I will refund your purchase immediately.

Put the video course to the test and see how it works for you. With the full money-back guarantee, there’s no way you can lose.

P.S. If you really want to transform your second serve from a weakness into your strength that will hold up under pressure and prevent opponents from immediately putting you on defense with their return, then give this comprehensive course a try.

While I can't guarantee that you'll never double fault again, I can guarantee that you'll start the journey of improvement of your second serve that will continue well after you've completed this course – and that's because you'll have a technically sound foundation.

What Our Clients Say


Roche David

Balaruc-les-Bains, France

This really gives a clear roadmap to the player on how to work on their serve alone and eventually transform it from a weakness into a weapon.


I have completed your course. What can I say!!!

I've been a tennis instructor for over 20 years and I run a club as director and yet I feel that I can only now really effectively and quickly teach a topspin and a slice serve to my tennis students.

It is such a great pleasure to follow your step by step instructions and see how effective they are.The teaching method works because each video focuses on a very specific technical objective that progressively builds the serve to a higher level.

Once one completes the technical part of your course they can use the Drills section to keep improving the effectiveness and accuracy of their serves while even training how the serve under pressure.

Many thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us.


Arthur Quinby

Bradenton, USA

I recommend this course to anyone from a 2.5 all the way up to a 5.0 player!

Usually when someone says It's simple, it's not, but in Tomaz's video, he really takes you through the necessary steps - without getting mechanical and stiff - to allow you to learn, improve and have a great consistent 2nd serve.


David Andreasen

Dunkirk, MD, USA

In just a few days I think I've advanced more then I have over the last couple years!

Tomaz, I just wanted to thank for your topspin serve course. It’s incredible how effective it’s been for me.

In just a few days I think I've advanced more then I have over the last couple years! The feeling is "I've got it!" And finally pronation feels natural, not forced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have very good serve technique in order to start learning topspin and slice serves?

Not at all. If you look at the case studies video you’ll see that no one there had high level serve technique and yet they all quickly learned how to hit a topspin serve. In fact learning topspin and slice serve techniques will actually correct the “waiter’s tray” position and other mistakes in your overall serve technique.

Is this course for beginners or only for advanced players?

If you’re at least a 3.0 NTRP player then you’ll learn the topspin and slice serves fairly quickly. As you saw in the case studies video I’ve successfully taught a 9 year old boy to hit technically very sound topspin serves, it just took a bit longer. The drills he used were exactly the same.

How long will it take me to learn a topspin or a slice serve?

Most players hit their first topspin or a slice serve after going through the learning progressions which takes about 20-30 minutes. You will very likely have a nice and easy topspin serve after 2 weeks of practice assuming you’ll practice at least two times per week for 20-30 minutes. After that it only gets better.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have permanent access to the course that never expires. Not only that, you can also download the videos to your PC, tablet or your smartphone and watch then without the need for internet connection.

What if the course doesn't work for me?

If you work on all exercises presented in the Second Serve Mastery video course and you don’t see significant progress in your serve, then simply request a refund, no questions asked.

allan s

Allan Slawson

Midwest Division High School Coach of the Year, Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA​

What separates Tomaz Mencinger's videos from all the rest are the techniques he gives for learning something new.

Many people can explain how to hit a topspin serve, but none that I have seen show you how to reeducate your muscles to a new way of doing something.

Tomaz's title "Feel Tennis" is the foundation for his teaching. He understands that "feeling" what we are doing to the ball is vital to learning and the successful execution of the shot. He also understands that muscle memory can be adapted through repetition of the building blocks of the topspin serve or any other tennis stroke.

The Second Serve Mastery video course shows simple, but effective, practice exercises, which can be done on or off a tennis court. The time spent learning a new technique is greatly reduced for anyone who will commit to doing the exercises on a consistent basis.

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