Unlocking The Hidden Power Of Your Body

How To Hit Forehands With Effortless Power And Finally Start Dominating The Rallies

A Modern Approach To Developing Forehand Technique Based On Biomechanics

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Would You Like To Feel The Same About Your Forehand Too? Read On...

Roger Federer forehand

Roger Federer's main weapon from the baseline - The Forehand

The forehand stroke is supposed to be the main weapon in your tennis matches and yet you may struggle to hit it with power - let alone with effortless power...

Surely you've seen the pros dominate their opponents mostly with their forehands once the rally gets going and it's the forehand shot that usually ends up as a winner.

Maybe you've taken lessons on the forehand – both on court and through online lessons – but you know something is still not right.

No matter how much effort you put into the shot, the ball is still not getting the penetration you need, not to mention that you're making tons of unforced errors.

You know you're now muscling the ball – which you've heard you shouldn't do – but you can't find another way to hit your forehand with power and good consistency.

And Yet, There Is A Way...

There is a method of unlocking the body's power that works very fast. Most players that I have worked with have hit effortless forehands after a single lesson.

forehand in tennis

Ben Texier

Nice, France

I worked for five days with Tomaz on my game in general, and my forehand in particular. The result was absolutely fantastic.

I came in with good technique but I lacked power. I was able to muscle the ball and generate some speed but it took some effort and it never felt easy.

Now it does. I feel that I can casually take time away from my opponents.

Tomaz is an outstanding coach. He has a knack for finding the right word that will instill the proper mental image in the minds of his students. His vast repertoire of drills will trick your body into the right movement.

Let Me Help You Develop A Powerful Forehand!

Tomaz's forehand technique

A central topic that emerges when attempting to develop more powerful strokes at the competitive level is the field of biomechanics.

If you've seen the pros throw medicine balls or use rubber bands in their training, you've watched them train based on biomechanical principles.

You may think that this type of advanced training is applicable just to pro tennis, but that's not the case.

Engaging and moving your body based on the biomechanical principles can develop the most fundamental and efficient movements you need to hit or move more effortlessly.

Hey, Tomaz here...

If you've seen me play in one of my videos you've probably noticed that I hit my forehands quite effortlessly.

The forehand has always been my better shot. While I can't say that my backhand is poor, it's not really the shot with which I can dominate.

But with the forehand I can very quickly apply pressure to my opponent and easily finish points from the midcourt.

What that means is that I know what I am doing.

I know how to hit effortless forehands and I know what I do inside my body to generate this power.

And I'd like to share this knowledge with you.

I've learned the methods of teaching tennis technique both with the ITF European system and the PTR American system. I have attended countless seminars and conferences in the last 20 years, constantly upgrading my knowledge.

An example of how pros use biomechanics based exercises

Here's a short excerpt from Wikipedia on biomechanics in sports:

“Biomechanics in sports can be stated as the muscular, joint and skeletal actions of the body during the execution of a given task, skill and/or technique. Proper understanding of biomechanics relating to sports skill has the greatest implications on: sport's performance, rehabilitation and injury prevention, along with sport mastery.” - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biomechanics

forehand biomechanics in tennis

Examples of biomechanics exercises which help players feel much better which body part to engage and how

If we teach our body to move biomechanically optimally – that is, moving the bones, joints, and muscles in the best way possible based on how our body is designed – we will achieve the best possible performance, prevent injury and, in time, develop sports mastery.

Building on the knowledge of mechanics I gained while earning my Engineering degree (which I completed before starting to coach full time), I found it much easier to understand the biomechanical principles.

I have isolated the most effective biomechanical exercises from the vast collection of drills I learned in my 20-year journey as a tennis coach. I have applied them to all levels of players that I've worked with – from high-level competitive juniors like the Singapore National Junior team that I coached, to recreational tennis players and beginners

And the results were always very quick and very effective.

The biomechanical exercises instantly give the player the feel of how to engage the hips, for example, or how to incorporate more shoulder rotation in their forehands. Once the player feels directly in their body how to engage it, there is no more confusion. They finally know on a deeper level how power is created in the body and channeled to the forehand (or any other stroke).

As an example of how this process works, let me introduce Allan. I had the privilege of working and sharing ideas with him for a few days.

Allan learned the classical forehand a long time ago. He is now also a tennis coach and was chosen as the Midwest Division High School Coach of the Year.

Instead of messing with his technique and making him think a lot, I used one of the key biomechanical exercises to unlock his hips while letting him use his classic forehand technique.

Here's What Happened...

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As you can see, Allan was able to feel how the power comes from the hips. He quickly found a much more effortless way of hitting his forehands even though we never changed his "technique".

And that's the most important and beneficial side of biomechanical exercises: they will improve your forehand stroke regardless of your current technique!

In fact, I work mostly on biomechanics exercises with players first and pay much less attention to technique. Power comes from engaging the right body parts in the correct sequence and not from little details of whether you should finish your forehand above or below your shoulder.

Once the player feels effortless power surging through their body, they will stop tensing up and trying to muscle the ball and will consequently relax more.

And as they relax, their external technique will usually start to take new shape.

What Can Be Achieved In Only 1 Hour...

I've worked with Luis on three major biomechanical exercises and NOT on technique. Yet, after only 1 hour, his technique started to look different.

So, the external changes you see – for example, a different follow-through – are not what I told him to do. These changes happened as a consequence of Luis engaging his legs, hips and shoulders differently.

To teach Luis how to engage his legs, hips and shoulders correctly, I did not tell him what to do. Rather, I showed him how to do it through specific drills based on biomechanics.

Keep in mind that the changes you see are a result of only 1 hour of work and only 3 different exercises that we repeated often as we worked on his forehand stroke!

Imagine how Luis' forehand would look and feel if he had the time to go through all the drills and spend a few more days with me!

I could show you more examples, but by now you're probably wondering: how does one improve so quickly, and what additional ways are there to develop a powerful and consistent forehand? I am glad you asked. ;)


The Effortless Forehand Video Course
Unlocking The Hidden Power Of Your Body

effortless forehand course

The Effortless Forehand is a unique video course that helps you acquire an effortless and powerful forehand through 3 stages of development:

Effortless Power through Biomechanics: You will very quickly experience more effortless power in your forehand by engaging in biomechanics exercises. They will help you feel how to engage the bigger muscle           groups in your body and in what sequence to generate effortless power.

Controlled Power by Technique Tune-up: By going through key technical checkpoints in your forehand stroke, you will eliminate the rest of the small mistakes in your technique and therefore gain more control of       the ball, resulting in higher consistency and better accuracy of your shots.

Power On The Move by Stances & Footwork: By learning how to hit powerful forehands from the neutral, open, closed and other stances and by moving efficiently to the ball and recovering fast, you'll be able to               implement your newly developed forehand in any situation.

The Effortless Forehand video course can be watched online on a PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, or any Android-based device.

All the videos are in MP4 format, and you can download high quality or lower quality (smaller size) videos to your computer, tablet, or smartphone and use the instruction right there on the court.

Today Just $97

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Here’s what’s included

Biomechanics Section

You'll learn how and in what sequence you need to engage major muscle groups to create an efficient forehand stroke. The most important benefit of the biomechanical drills is that they will quickly teach you how to hit with more power regardless of your current technique!

You’ll learn:

How to best use gravity to help you accelerate the racket and relieve your arm of work;

How to loosen up your wrist and develop modern racket lag technique with just one simple drill performed on a bench;

The most overlooked body part by most coaches when it comes to generating power in your forehand and how to engage it for maximum effect;

How exactly the shoulder axis needs to work to help you accelerate the racket effortlessly;

And much more (approx. 80 minutes of instruction.)

forehand biomechanics drills
forehand technique drills

Forehand Technique Section

The technique section will help you fine-tune your forehand by guiding you through multiple key checkpoints of a fundamental forehand stroke. This will improve your consistency and accuracy, making it easier to time tough incoming balls.

You’ll learn:

Why it's not enough to be in a ready position; you also need to be in a ready state. Learn how to achieve it.

Why the "Unit turn" doesn't necessarily allow you to prepare in the fastest way and what to focus on instead;

How to synchronize your hips and your arm in order to generate maximum acceleration of the racket;

The ideal swing path you should implement and how you can work on that in every tennis session;

How to improve the accuracy of your forehand with a combination of mental and physical action;

And much more (approx. 80 minutes of instruction)

Stances & Footwork Section

Learn how to hit your forehands effortlessly from any stance and how to get into that stance quickly and efficiently.

You’ll learn:

Why you need to focus much more on the axis of rotation than the weight transfer if you want to have power and control at the same time;

Why hitting in neutral stance often results in a loss of balance and therefore loss of control and how to correct that;

A simple drill that teaches you the fundamental open stance forehand and how to maximize the power it gives you;

Why so many players struggle with the open stance forehand when moving to the side and how to master it;

Why hitting in closed stance is not a problem if you know how to make the best of it;

How to practice and master the basic footwork patterns when moving different distances to the ball;

And much more (approx. 90 minutes of instruction.)

forehand footwork drills
forehand in tennis

David Mok

Auckland, New Zealand

This is a really thorough course which will help any motivated tennis player build a technically sound and effortless forehand.

Many of the drills and explanations that Tomaz presents in this course I have never come across - not in any free online videos nor from in-person tennis coaches I've worked with over my 35 years of playing experience.

Yet once I started on the drills, I instinctively just "got" the feel and concepts, without much thinking or having to try hard. Bottomline, his method and drills really do work!

Even though I had always felt my forehand was a weapon, I'm quickly seeing how much better I can make it by faithfully following the progressions in this course. I can't recommend this course highly enough!

The Effortless Forehand Video Course
Unlocking The Hidden Power Of Your Body

effortless forehand course



I understand that I’ll receive instant access to:

forehand video course


26 videos (that’s over 4 hours of video clips) that you can watch online or download to your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

forehand video analysis


Send me a video of your forehand and I will create a side-by-side comparison with me or a professional tennis player of your choice and show you what are the key elements of the forehand you need to work on.​

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My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a 60-day full money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Use the full Effortless Forehand video course for 8 weeks. If you don’t significantly improve the power and consistency of your forehand, I will refund your payment immediately.

Put the video course to the test and see how it works for you. With the full money back guarantee, there’s no way you can lose.

P.S. If you really want to transform your forehand from a weakness into your weapon, then give this unique course a try. I guarantee you that you’ll learn things about the forehand you’ve never encountered before which will give you completely new insights into how the forehand works.

What Customers Are Saying...

I used to mishit a lot and that has improved dramatically. I have been playing for more than 45 years and I have never been able to hit with very much power.

However, thanks to your courses on using the knees. the hips, the shoulders and rotation I am starting to hit the ball with more power at the age of 73 than I did at the age of 25.

In my opinion the biggest improvement has stemmed from my dropping the racket on edge instead of dropping it with the racket face pointing to the ground. Your analogy of the swing being more like bowling than a discus throw was enlightening and it engraved a mental image that comes to mind whenever my swing begins to go astray.

I have always loved the game of tennis but in an effort to improve I really started studying its mechanics during the past ten years. I took a few lessons, subscribed to an online course and reviewed countless online videos As a result my game improved but then seemed to stagnate.

I still lacked consistency and power, especially on the forehand and I could not figure out why. Thanks to your course that has begun to change.

I want to say that I think you have great teaching skills. Your video on open stance timings is one example.. Your explanation of right, left, forehand for the weight transfer on the body axis and right, forehand, left for the weight transfer on the leg axis is simple, but like everything else, extremely effective in getting your point across. As soon as I feel I have satisfactorily absorbed the info in the forehand course, I fully intend to sign up for your course on top spin and slice serves.

John Pirone ... Arlington, MA USA

The explanations and demonstrations from the Effortless Forehand course allow you to both intellectually understand as well as physically understand every element that contributes to a reliable and effortless forehand.

This is much more than just a "tips" set of videos; it is a complete learning system that takes you through the biomechanics basics that you need to feel to make progress and develop the moves to develop a topspin forehand.

Barry Fidelman ... Concord, MA

My forehand is more natural now and less forced. There is rhythm and effortlessness.

Rather than saying you have to put your shoulder here or your hand there and then put your foot there, Tomaz teaches you to play within a certain biomechanical window and then let your body feel the correct way to play within that window.

A long time ago in the 1970's a book was published called the The Inner Game of Tennis by Tim Gallway. It was groundbreaking and still stands today has having profound implications both on and off the court.

True concentration is true meditation. But how do you get there.

Although Tim had some suggestions for moving down that path you need someone to mentor you there with some practical exercises.

I believe Tomaz fulfills that promise of winning both the internal and external game by providing practical advice to "let your body" play the game of tennis the way it was meant to be played - in a word: FEEL.

So many players want to play in a natural "feel" based state. Tomaz shows you how in this course.

There is no better coach on the planet. I truly believe this.

Stephen Bell ... West Palm Beach FL

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this forehand course only for advanced tennis players or also for beginners?

The Effortless Forehand video course can be used by beginners, too, except that I recommend they skip the Biomechanics section and start working on the Technique and Footwork modules. Once the player becomes more consistent in playing forehands in easy conditions, they can start studying the biomechanics section. Advanced players, on the other hand, should first start with the Biomechanics module as it will improve their forehand very quickly.

How long will it take me to improve my forehand?

It depends on your current skill level and the amount of practice you put in. If you practice at least twice a week for at least 20 minutes then you should see constant progress with your forehand. Most intermediate and advanced tennis players improve a lot in just a single hour as you have seen from the testimonial videos above.

How long do I have access to the course after I buy it?

You have permanent access to the course that never expires. Not only that, but you can also download the videos to your PC, tablet or smartphone and watch them without the need for internet connection. 

Does this course work only for competitive juniors or also for adult recreational tennis players? 

This video course works for every type of player because it teaches your body how to work more efficiently regardless of your current technique. Better forehand technique allows you to hit faster and with more control but any forehand will benefit from biomechanics drills.

What if the course doesn't work for me?

If you work on all the exercises presented in the Effortless Forehand video course and you don’t see significant progress in your forehand, then simply request a refund, no questions asked.

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